Abeiku Santana honored at the National Tourism Awards

Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey better known under the name of “Abeiku Santana”

At a time when Ghanaian tourism faces a series of setbacks from the coronavirus pandemic, Mr. Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey, popularly known as ‘Abeiku Santana’, is at the forefront of the recovery and leveraging Ghana’s tourism potential with commendable media awareness campaigns.

His extensive outreach and multidimensional tourism-related strategies to help stimulate the growth of the tourism sector led the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture and the Ghana Tourism Authority to award him the Media Personality focused on tourism. tourism at the 2020 National Tourism Awards.

Abeiku Santana, an MA in Tourism Management from the University of Cape Coast and also President and CEO of Kaya Tours and Bays Lodge, is one of the hospitality industry‘s most revered practitioners and of travel and tourism having earned the nickname of “Mr.. Tourism on Air” with more than two decades of dedicated service in the tourism industry.

Abeiku Santana’s exploits in Ghana’s tourism sector are unprecedented. Top 100 West African tourism personalities.

His quote reads: “You stood out as a show reporter. You are listened to the most on the radio in the afternoon because of the educational and entertaining content of your program …

“Although you are a broadcast journalist, you have businesses in the tourism industry, so you can follow the talk. No wonder you got called Mr. Tourism on Air and got introduced. For your hard work, Ghana Tourism Authority is providing you with tourist orientation. Media Personality Award. “

Abeiku Santana, who was named Radio and TV Personality of the Year in 2021, was extremely thrilled with his latest honor given his relentless love for the tourism industry over the past few years.

“The road to success is always difficult and those who are always up to challenges and who have courage win. I thank Jehovah God Almighty for giving me the strength and energy to do what I love most. My wife and family members have supported my new love and passion and I would like to thank the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture through the Ghana Tourism Authority for supporting the private sector on a Equality.

“I started this domestic tourism promotion journey in 2006, but receiving this recognition today really means a lot to me. The tourism industry has enormous potential given the large number of employees in the industry, so I ventured in there to create jobs for young people and promote Ghana to foreigners, ”said Abeiku Santana in his acceptance speech.

The very astute broadcaster, however, urged the government to lower taxes for hoteliers, which has made the industry very expensive, especially for tourists unable to explore Ghana’s various fascinating sights.

Abeiku Santana in 2020 won a Special Recognition Award as Exclusive Man of the Year for his exploits in marketing and promoting tourism using his platform to promote Ghanaian tourism.

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