Agency Lucid maintains a public relations account for Japan’s National Tourist Board

Agency Lucid has been rehired by the Sydney office of the Japan National Tourism Organization to lead its media relations and public relations strategy for the next 12 months, following a tender .

The announcement:

Following a tender, The Lucid Agency has been rehired by the Sydney office of the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) to lead its media relations and public relations strategy for the 12 coming months. Lucid’s director of public relations and marketing, James Cooley, told the news:

“Many Australians have an innate curiosity about Japanese culture as well as a keen interest in traveling to this unique destination, which has resulted in our continued creativity and numerous public relations successes for JNTO over the year. elapsed, despite the closing of the borders.

“We couldn’t be happier to continue our work with JNTO as we look forward to seeing travel to Japan once again become a reality and the new opportunities it will bring to generate excitement and awareness of the destination.”

The agency will lead the tourism board’s public relations program, provide market intelligence and competitor destination reports, and develop audience and media target strategies.

JNTO’s executive director of the Sydney office, Yoko Tanaka, added:

“Despite the cross-border challenges, the JNTO team has been impressed with the strong public relations results Lucid Agency has achieved for JNTO over the past 12 months, as well as their strategic insights and reports that will be used to inform activities. We were delighted to see Lucid present another strong and compelling proposal to continue the business for the coming year.

With business travelers and international students now able to enter Japan, the border is gradually reopening and we expect consumer travel to be the next logical step. We look forward to welcoming Australians back to Japan, and look forward to The Lucid Agency working with us to attract and support travelers who may be planning their next adventure.

The growing Sydney-based agency also continues to lead public relations activities for one of Australia’s fastest-growing tiny house accommodation providers, Tiny Away, and has recently been involved in projects for the Samoa Tourism Authority and the Malaysian Ministry of Education involving strategic content development and public relations. Activities. Lucid plans to implement a dynamic and responsive public relations program for JNTO, which involves the creation of creative, informative and timely content and presentation to the media.

“We know things can change quickly in the travel industry, which can shape public interests and media appetites. Having worked with JNTO over the past year and with a growing portfolio of clients in the travel and tourism sector, our momentum remains constant and we are prepared and ready for the exciting opportunities ahead,” concludes James.

Source: Lucid Agency

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