BTMI chief presents the National Tourism Marketing Committee

A new National Tourism Marketing Committee (NTMC) was created under Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI) to focus on the strategic marketing of niche tourism product offerings, the national tourism agency said on Friday.

This was revealed when the BTMI launched a major rebranding and marketing campaign for the island’s tourism product – Little Island, Big Barbados – a game about the variety of offerings in various market segments of the destination despite its small size. cut.

The rebranding coincides with the official reopening of tourism following COVID-19 closures that have restricted travel for the past 14 months.

During the official rebranding ceremony held virtually, BTMI President Roseanne Myers officially introduced the NTMC which will promote niche domains.

The new committee is described as a forum for leaders to assist in the development and implementation of marketing strategies, and to provide a platform for national cross-sectoral participation and buy-in to promote the Barbados brand, in domestic and international markets.

He will be responsible for creating a data-driven collaborative strategy to better market Barbados and create a planning and execution framework for the BTMI and the Barbados Tourism Product Authority (BTPA) to share plans and seek participation in the island marketing.

The NTMC also aims to broaden the reach of BTMI and BTPA by using the footprint of other public and private sector agencies to exploit new opportunities, source markets and gateways; develop broad niche marketing strategies and viable revenue streams through strong partnerships with the private and public sectors, and incorporate the use of authentic themes and experiences into collateral and market strategies for the destination in collaborating with the relevant agencies.

The NTMC should be made up of representatives from a range of agencies and institutions under the ministries of Creative Economy, Culture and Sports, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Ministry of Tourism and of International Transport, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy. , the Department of International Trade and Industry, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, as well as the University of the West Indies, labor unions, the private sector and the Royal Barbados Police.

Myers assured that this new committee will enable stronger execution of plans, projects and ideas to continually improve the Barbados brand.

“It’s a forum, it’s a platform,” Myers said. “For many speeches, we have spoken of ‘all on the bridge’. The NTMC is the bridge on which we want to come together to truly continue this collaborative journey. “

She promised that several niche areas will be enhanced or introduced through “niche partnerships” under the NTMC, adding that experts in some areas of interest have already offered to provide free services.

Myers said there are opportunities in niche tourism subcategories such as rum, heritage and medical tourism, the Barbados welcome stamp and halal tourism.

She also stressed that there will be a keen interest in other segments such as romantic travel; high-end sports; agrotourism; the market segments of large groups such as meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE); niche diving and maritime adventure; Barbados and African Diaspora Tourism; and the five breakout market segments of Social, Military, Educational, Religious and Fraternal Tourism (SMERF).

“We won’t be doing everything at the same time, but we will definitely have a plan we can deploy to get these people to our shores,” Myers said.

“The way it works is we’re going to set up the product clubs and figure out a chair and get all the agencies together. [from the relevant government ministries] where there is interest in these niche partnerships. BTMI staff will be assigned at director level and junior level. It’s everyone on the bridge.

“Barbados is coming back to the market, not in the same way we left it, but in a way we can really take full advantage of all the partnerships that we know have all existed but never really helped. correctly, but we’re really holding hands now. “

BTMI is also due to introduce a Product Improvement Committee (PEC) later this year, said the chairman of BTMI, who stressed that “product improvement and development is essential to the authenticity that we need to drive” .

The PEC is expected to be chaired by BTMI Director Ronnie Carrington and should work with relevant agencies to create content and sell tourism to nationals through outreach projects, among other goals.

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