Carson High student is Nevada delegate to National Range Management conference | Carson City Nevada News

Chloe Crookshanks, a junior from Carson High School, has been selected by the Nevada Chapter of the Society for Range Management to participate in the High School Youth Forum, an SRM-sponsored youth activity co-hosted at SRM’s 75th Annual Meeting .

This year’s meeting will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, February 6-10. The theme of this year’s meeting is “Sustainability through Culture and Innovation”. Chloe will be presenting on the impact wild horses are having on Nevada’s rangelands and possible future solutions. Chloe is also a member of the FFA chapter of Carson High School.

The SRM is an international organization that works to promote public awareness of the importance of sound management and use of rangelands, the largest land base in the world. In 1966, the SRM recognized the need to involve young people in the range-related activities and education provided at this annual meeting. Since then, the HSYF has been a highlight of the SRM’s annual meetings. Volunteers from the SRM Student Activities Committee run the program.

High school delegates to HSYF are chosen by each of the 22 individual chapters of the parent society across the United States, Canada and Mexico, based on their high degree of interest in the field of natural resources and their involvement exemplary and effort to learn more about this particular area.

During their time at HSYF, they will have the opportunity to meet people from many countries and get first-hand insight into what the SRM is all about, including its organization, goals, and role it plays in the world. global scale.

Thus, the objectives of the HSYF are to: 1) provide these students with insight into the operation and functioning of a professional society; 2) provide opportunities to meet members of the Society; 3) provide a format that encourages reflection and the improvement of communicative skills; 4) provide the opportunity to learn more about rangeland and natural resource management and future careers through interaction with Company professionals; 5) provide an opportunity to learn about the ecology and natural resources of the Annual Meeting site; and 6) create an atmosphere that fosters camaraderie and lasting friendships.

As one of the most important activities, each delegate to the Forum participates in a competition to submit articles whose content covers a subject related to the range. All submissions will be judged by a diverse panel of judges, with the top five papers being recognized at the SRM Awards Ceremony. The winner of the best paper is invited to return to next year’s meeting to participate in the Forum and present their paper to the full membership of the Society. In addition, other activities will include a local eco-tour of the meeting site and a program to improve communication skills.

Since the number of delegates who can attend each year is limited, selection for this activity is considered a great honor for the selected students. Because of this prospect, the organizers of this year’s Forum are excited about the program and planned activities and hope to provide an educational experience that is both exciting and enriching for all participants.

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