Discover Japan’s ultimate relaxation spots with the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)

TOKYO – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Through its “Enjoy my Japan” campaign, JNTO presents a variety of destinations that will provide future visitors to the country with many relaxation opportunities once travel restrictions are lifted. In this article, we highlight a few off-the-beaten-path attractions across Japan that will leave overseas visitors refreshed and recharged. They include isolated forests, hill stations and subtropical islands.

Located in a valley southwest of Fukushima Prefecture, Okuaizu is a mountain village with the charms of the four seasons. In winter, it receives heavy snowfall and becomes covered with white. Travelers looking for a comfortable retreat in a quiet forest amidst unspoiled scenery can rent a cabin in the Ittogashi Village appeal; this will give them the opportunity to take a break and cool off.

Being in a remote forest doesn’t mean visitors can’t learn about the local culture. They can explore the nearby hiking trails, visit the famous Hayato Onsen Tsurunoyu hot spring or soak in a wooden tub at a farmhouse. On request, Ittogashi Village will provide fresh vegetables and free-range chicken, the ingredients for Aizu Jidori Nabe, a hearty stew that is a specialty of the Aizu region. Part of the joy of visiting Okuaizu is the train journey there – Aizu Wakamatsu’s JR Tadami Line offers a photogenic train ride that winds through some of Japan’s most beautiful rural scenery.

Hakuba Nagano Prefecture is famous for its ski slopes and for hosting the downhill events of the 1998 Olympic Winter Games, but there are plenty more reasons to go: it is a great resort for relaxation. Visitors can indulge in an all-inclusive glamping experience at the Hakuba Champ Suite, an installation located on a 1,200-meter-high plateau surrounded by the majestic Alps of northern Japan. From luxurious private tents, guests can experience being at the center of Mother Nature without compromising on comfort. They can indulge in a wide range of activities: savoring a sumptuous meal prepared from fresh local produce washed down with a bottle of vintage Nagano wine, soaking in hot springs and gazing at the stars. A glamping trip to Hakuba will purify his body and soul.

Known for its tropical vibes, pristine beaches, and warm smiles from its locals, Okinawa, Japan’s southernmost prefecture, offers travelers a completely different experience from the country’s four main islands. It comprises a number of smaller islands, including Okinawa itself, Miyakojima and Ishigaki. To experience the true Okinawan way of life and find relaxation in this subtropical region, JNTO recommends a trip to Taketomi Island, 15 minutes by ferry from Ishigaki. Taketomi is a traditional ryukyu-style village, where water buffaloes roam and houses with red tiled roofs are surrounded by stone walls. The best way to explore the island is to take a bison or bike ride. After strolling through the center of the village, visitors can head to one of the white sand beaches to enjoy a beautiful sunset. The luxurious HOSHINOYA Taketomi Island The resort serves as a fantastic base for guests to unwind at the end of the day, with French-Okinawa fusion dishes that will tempt their taste buds.

JNTO hopes that future foreign visitors will discover more ideas for an ideal relaxing vacation among the variety of destinations featured in their “Enjoy my Japan” campaign, that they will leave Japan more relaxed than when they arrived and they will come back for more!

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