EC calls for more efforts to optimize local national security safeguard mechanism

MACAO, April 8 – Chief Executive Mr. Ho Iat Seng said today that the Macau Special Administrative Region (SARM) government will continue to support and cooperate with respectively the Business Advisor National Security Council and the National Security Technical Advisors of the Committee. for Safeguarding National Security, to effectively coordinate all matters relating to Macau’s efforts to safeguard national security.

Such an effort would enable Macao to fully implement the initiatives outlined by the central government, to ensure that Macao fulfills its constitutional responsibility to safeguard national security, the chief executive said.

Ho made the remarks Thursday, April 7, during a meeting of the MRAS committee for safeguarding national security. Mr. Ho is the chairman of the committee.

Thursday’s meeting of Macao’s Committee for Safeguarding National Security was the first session after the central government in 2021 approved the establishment of the posts of national security affairs adviser and national security technical adviser. In March 2022, the central government appointed several officials to these positions.

The Director of the SAR Central People’s Government Liaison Office, Mr. Fu Ziying, was appointed by the State Council National Security Affairs Adviser of the National Security Safeguard Committee. The deputy director of the MRAS Central People’s Government Liaison Office, Mr. Zheng Xincong, along with Mr. Yin Shuhua, have been appointed national security technical advisers of the city committee for safeguarding national security.

The appointment and assumption of duty respectively of the National Security Affairs Advisor and the National Security Technical Advisors showed the full implementation of the “One Country, Two Systems” principle in Macao, and the main arrangements in Macao for safeguarding national security, Ho said.

At Thursday’s meeting, Fu said he looks forward to working closely with all members of the Committee, to implement President Xi Jinping’s important instructions, as well as the relevant decisions and strategies of the central government. It is in order to jointly fulfill Macao’s constitutional responsibility to safeguard national security, resolutely uphold the country’s sovereignty, security and development interests, while firmly safeguarding the long-term prosperity and stability of Macau.

Those present at the meeting discussed the work carried out in 2021 in safeguarding national security. Topics discussed included: the law enforcement effort; working on complementary legislation and other supporting legislation; and the education and promotion effort. A plan for this year’s work, including legislative procedures and a series of activities to mark National Security Education Day, was also discussed at the meeting.

Speaking at the meeting, Fu affirmed Macau’s work over the past year to safeguard national security, saying it was the result of strong directives from the central government, as well as the leadership of the leader. executive and concerted efforts within the local community. He also cited President Xi’s full appreciation – expressed during the chief executive’s duty visit to Beijing in 2021 – for Macao’s efforts in safeguarding national security.

Fu pointed out that there are a number of challenges ahead, noting that some of these challenges have been brought about by outside forces. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic had also created economic and social uncertainties. He said he believed Macau was able to overcome these challenges with the concerted effort and confidence shown by the community, and with the strong support of the central government.

The liaison office in the Macao region would also continue to support the work of the chief executive and the city’s committee for safeguarding national security. The National Security Affairs Advisor and National Security Technical Advisors would help to further optimize the city’s legal system and enforcement mechanism for Macao to safeguard national security. With the expansion of law enforcement means, the work of safeguarding national security would be effectively implemented, helping to further advance the principle of “one country, two systems” with the characteristics of Macao, said Mr. .Fu.

In his closing remarks, the Chief Executive said that with the strong support of the central government, Macao has been able to make progress in safeguarding national security, while maintaining in place measures to prevent and control epidemics. This progress included advancing the implementation of the fundamental principle of “patriots governing Macau”; consolidating the central government’s overall jurisdiction over Macau; and ensuring the health and social stability of the people while effectively strengthening the Macau community’s loyalty to the country and promoting national security awareness. All these efforts have helped ensure a solid foundation for the stable implementation of the “one country, two systems” principle in Macao, Ho added.

Ho called on the committee members to work in accordance with President Xi’s important speech on July 1, 2021, as well as speeches by other heads of state on the topic of national security. He also urged the meeting participants to pay attention to the instructions and aspirations of the central government as conveyed by the national security affairs adviser and national security technical advisers. Ho said Committee members should approach national security issues in Macao using a comprehensive perspective, and should persevere in their efforts to safeguard national security and development, and coordinate traditional and non-traditional work related to national security.

Members of the Committee should also redouble their efforts to address any shortcomings in existing local systems regarding the safeguarding of national security, in order to reduce any security risk and threat to national security, as well as maintain the stability of the country. and Macao, and to ensure an environment conducive to economic recovery, Ho added.

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