Government to ‘strengthen national security’ with new laws and training

Administration and Justice Secretary Andre Cheong told members of the region’s Legislative Assembly on Wednesday that the government intends to strengthen national security in 2022, through new laws and regulations. ‘training activities in schools and public services.

When discussing the details of the political speech (GAL) for 2022, Cheong said the government would introduce an amendment to the “Defense of State Security Law”. The guidelines, which were presented last week by Macau’s chief executive, set this amendment as one of its targets – the first since 2009.

“During the twelve years of the law on the defense of state security, the international security situation and that of neighboring regions have changed, so that the guarantees of the legal system of the government of the region Macao Special Administrative Council for the Defense of the State Security must also evolve with the times in order to safeguard the sovereignty, security and development interests of the State, so as to effectively prevent and suppress foreign interventions and to guarantee effectively the rights and legitimate interests of residents as well as the prosperity and stability of society, ”the policy address read.

Among the 17 bills to be introduced next year, there is one on the “Macao Special Administrative Region secrecy regime”.

The aim of this law is also to strengthen the protection of state and Macao security through what it calls a “specific regime of secrecy, establishing strict and secure measures relating to secrecy, in order to ensure that State and Macao secrets Special Administrative Regions are adequately protected.

Cheong also promised that next year officials will participate in training sessions on the Chinese Constitution and the region’s Basic Law, the State Security Defense Law, Chinese culture, among others, in the goal “to deepen the sense of national identity of civil servants and increase their capacity to carry out the work of government action.”

For 2022, patriotism is also to be strengthened in schools and associations through “various legal dissemination activities relating to the Constitution, the Basic Law, the law on the defense of the security of the State and the fundamental laws related to daily life “.

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