Greek National Tourism Organization Gets People Excited About ‘Greek End’

On Thursday, the Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT) launched a new ad campaign portraying Greece’s national treasures as the perfect weekend getaway – well, in their words, a “Greek ending”.

As part of this new campaign, Athens and Thessaloniki are presented as ideal destinations with good weather and easy flight connections. The campaign highlights the many offerings of both cities, from local cuisine to art galleries and shopping destinations.

Central Athens Monastirki (left), Thessaloniki by the water (right)

Greek Minister of Tourism, Vasilis Kikilas, said to Ekathimerini: “Hotels in our cities, especially Athens and Thessaloniki, have suffered from the pandemic. This campaign is the first of a series of initiatives that we will carry out, inviting visitors to safely enjoy an authentic Greek weekend in our biggest cities.

EOT General Secretary Dimitris Fragakis added: “The pandemic has had a negative impact on city tourism. In many cases, disproportionately compared to our other tourist destinations.

Navaiyo, Zakynthos.

“The Greekend campaign aims to promote a comprehensive tourism product equal to other established European weekend destinations,” Mr. Fragakis added.

The campaign is to last two months and in ten countries including France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and Israel.

Source: Ekathimerini.

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