India Drafting of a new national tourism policy

  1. This new tourism policy will provide appropriate response, investment and support from village gram panchayats to governments.
  2. A draft strategy is also in preparation for the development of the MICE tourism industry.
  3. The Minister declared that it is necessary to concentrate energies not only on the revival of the sector, but also on this sector, one of the engines of the revival of the economy.

“The government is in the process of drafting a new national tourism policy in India. I urge all stakeholders to participate in the preparation of the new national tourism policy, ”said Mr. Reddy.

Address the “2e E Conclave on Travel, Tourism and Hospitality – Resilience and the Road to Recovery“, Organized virtually by the FICCI, Mr. Reddy said:” Once we adopt the new policy, it will be useful, especially for stakeholders. Through this policy, we will get an appropriate response, investment and support from village gram panchayats to governments. “

Mr Reddy also said that they have also put in place a draft MICE tourism development strategy and all stakeholders should come forward and share their opinion. “Stakeholders should also lobby state governments to grant industry status to tourism, as this will greatly contribute to the development of the sector, especially infrastructure. To realize the true potential of tourism, the fundamental requirement is to ensure coordination at all levels of activity. We need to have a proactive approach from every stakeholder, including industry, state government and central government, ”he added.

Speaking on the various initiatives taken by the government, Mr. Reddy said that the central government plays an important role in developing a strong tourism economy, which is evident from the fact that the Ministry of Tourism has also launched a series of initiatives, such as the Incredible India 2.0 campaign focused on niche tourism products, including wellness and adventure tourism, as well as investing in industry through programs, such as PRASHAD and Swadesh Darshan, as well as the extension of the electronic visa to 169 countries, which has been proven to increase the number of foreign and domestic visitors to India.

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