Japan National Tourism Organization to Relaunch Global “Enjoy My Japan” Campaign – Seeks to welcome foreign visitors to Japan from Europe, North America and Australia

TOKYO, November 02, 2021– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Although Japan has yet to reopen its borders to foreign visitors, Japan’s National Tourism Organization (JNTO) and the country’s many local attractions are gearing up for the resumption of international travel.

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JNTO has revitalized its “Enjoy my japan“, originally launched in 2018, signaling that Japan is ready to meet its ambitious goal of welcoming 60 million foreign visitors by 2030.

Promoting Japan as a destination that can be enjoyed by all travelers, the campaign highlights seven unique travel passions – Nature, Outside, Traditions, Food, Art, Relaxation, and Cities. The key message is that Japan offers more than iconic sites in Tokyo or Kyoto; there is a whole range of diverse destinations offering something for every traveler. Whether their dreams include exploring mystical waterfalls or immersing their body and mind in a high-tech museum, Japan will make them come true.

The theme of the “Enjoy my Japan” campaign emphasizes the interaction between foreign visitors and locals. The goal is not only to motivate travelers to form a deeper and more personal connection with Japan; the campaign also aims to encourage local Japanese to welcome visitors warmly and with open arms.

The updated campaign website is available in six languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian. The attention of home page visitors will immediately be drawn to the menu bar at the top, which offers routes to pages focused on specific travel passions. Under each theme, they can find an insightful story, helpful travel tips, and vivid illustrations of the many destinations and activities.

While visitors can find plenty of ideas on the above website, here are some off the beaten path suggestions handpicked by JNTO.

The fall and winter seasons are perfect for living Nature in Japan. Nestled in the hills of Gifu Prefecture, the Hida Osaka region home to over 200 waterfalls. Whether a novice hiker looking for a leisurely stroll through the waterfalls against the backdrop of fall colors, or an adventurer curious to explore the ice waterfalls in winter, they are sure to find a visit. guided tour that matches their interest and level of experience.

Fat Cities Japan has a lot to offer, from sightseeing to shopping and art. But many visitors may not have heard of a gigantic underground “sanctuary” built to protect the Tokyo metropolitan area from flooding. Although Japan experiences frequent natural disasters, the country is also well equipped to protect its people. The underground discharge channel of the metropolitan area, located in Saitama Prefecture, is just one example of Japan’s leading innovation in disaster prevention and should appeal to fans of urban architecture.

Art lovers, especially millennials and Gen Zers, may be familiar with TeamLabaround Tokyo, which offer immersive experiences in the 3D world of wonders. The content and concepts of these exhibitions are seasonal and constantly changing. Recently, TeamLab Planets in Toyosu started offering vegan ramen to take away at their outdoor plaza. Its signature dish is the “Flower Vegan Ramen”, which evokes the delicate and colorful aesthetic of the “Floating Flower Garden” exhibition.

Featuring short, compelling films covering each of the travel themes, the renewed “Enjoy My Japan” campaign seeks to capture the hearts and stir the passions of all overseas travelers.

Short films highlighting each passion for travel:

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Mayuko Harada and Taro Kakuage
Team Weber Shandwick JNTO

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