John Lee pushes for National Security Education Day Section 23 legislation

John Lee Ka-chiu officially submits his candidacy for the upcoming Chief Executive election in Hong Kong on Wednesday. Photo: Wen Wei Po

John Lee Ka-chiu, Hong Kong’s sole candidate for chief executive, said on Friday that, based on constitutional duty to Hong Kong, he would push to enact Article 23 legislation. of the Basic Law as soon as possible once elected. .

He said Hong Kong residents should remain vigilant, understand national security and take sufficient control of national security threats, which is part of his policy proposal.

The former chief secretary made the remarks to the media near his campaign office on Friday, marking the second National Security Education Day after the territory implemented the national security law for Hong Kong.

Lee said there have been sad incidents in the past in Hong Kong when national security was threatened, which also hurt society and individuals.

Article 23 of the Basic Law states that the Hong Kong government must itself enact laws to prohibit any act of treason, secession, sedition or subversion against the central government.

Lee was confirmed as the sole candidate for Hong Kong’s chief executive election on Wednesday. More than 1,400 members of the electoral committee will vote on May 8.

He said on Friday that the next step he and his team would focus on formulating his policy proposals, and he would visit communities and people from different sectors.

In support of National Security Education Day, the Hong Kong Civil Service College has launched a series of e-learning resources on the topic of “national security” to enhance understanding of national security officials.

Civil Service Secretary Patrick Nip said on Friday that civil servants are the backbone of the Hong Kong government and it is their responsibility to gain an accurate understanding of Hong Kong’s national security law, enhance awareness of safeguarding national security and act in full accord with the Hong Kong government in fulfilling its duty to safeguard national security, according to the Hong Kong government.

National security related activities are also organized between teachers and students.

Education Secretary Kevin Yeung Yun-hung said Hong Kong attaches great importance to teachers’ understanding of national security, including organizing legal experts to give lectures and distribute books on the law of Hong Kong national security.

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