Kinetic GPO and Premergency Announce Compliant Group Purchase Agreement for Learning Management System Software for the Public Sector

Kinetic GPO is delighted to announce a new cooperation agreement with Premergency Inc. for learning management system software.

This agreement will help participating members manage their online training programs in a compliant and efficient manner. »

—Chris Penny, CEO of Kinetic GPO

CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 9, 2022 / — Kinetic GPO announced today that it has awarded a three-year contract to Premergency. Kinetic GPO is a cooperative purchasing organization established for the broader public sector, non-profit organizations and municipalities, academics, school boards and health and social services (MASH) entities across Canada. The contract, RFSO 21-13, became effective May 1, 2022 and will remain active until April 30, 2025, with an option to extend the term for an additional period of up to two years.

Through this competitively solicited contract, Kinetic GPO members will be able to empower their teams while developing skills and capabilities to discover their potential and continue to grow.

“We are excited to work with Kinetic GPO and the benefits it brings to more organizations in the MASH industry,” said Dean DiMonte, CEO and Founder of Premergency.

Kinetic GPO purchases in a fair, open and transparent manner in accordance with international and regional trade agreements. Membership is free and without volume commitment.

“Premergency helps public sector entities establish an effective online learning and development environment while improving workflow through innovative SaaS solutions tailored to their organization’s needs, and we are pleased to provide a contract vehicle. for nationwide learning management system software. Premergency has a strong track record with over 10 years of experience building stronger communities and empowering over 20,000 users. This agreement will help participating members run their online training programs in a compliant and efficient manner,” said Chris Penny, CEO of Kinetic GPO.

About Kinetic GPO
Kinetic GPO is a national broader public sector collaborative purchasing organization, established in 2017, whose contracts have been competitively tendered in a fair, open and transparent manner to vendors for commonly procured products and services, including technology, fleet, office supplies, maintenance, HVAC, roofing, grounds maintenance, playground, operations, furniture, energy solutions, managed print services, and construction in accordance with regional and national trade agreement requirements . Entities that must comply with regional and national trade agreements, such as municipalities, higher education, schools, healthcare, non-profit organizations and all other public sector entities, use Kinetic Contracts GPOs to increase their efficiency and economy when purchasing goods and services. As a national buying cooperative, Kinetic GPO taps into a large pool of buying potential and enables entities to receive combined buying power regardless of entity size. For more information on Kinetic GPO or to become a member, please visit

About the pre-emergency
As a specialist EdTech & Learning organization, Premergency aims to foster the growth, learning and continuous development of people, teams and communities by providing organizations with innovative learning and SaaS solutions that help professionals develop new skills and abilities.

Premergency focuses on innovation beyond learning to deliver a complete experience through a powerful and efficient learning environment with technology that simplifies workflow and helps them feel supported, confident and prepared.

Premergency is a proud Canadian company serving organizations across all industries that seek to foster human relationships and foster professional development.

For more information about Premergency, visit

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