Ministry of Foreign Affairs: bilateral cooperation with India does not undermine national security

The Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that bilateral cooperation between India and the Maldives does not jeopardize the national security of the Maldives.

Addressing the “India Out” movement which is gaining ground on media and social media platforms, the ministry said in a press release that such claims were false.

The ministry also said that the country’s international relations are based on mutual respect and understanding, and in accordance with national and international laws, ensure that such relations will not undermine the national security of the Maldives.

“… Such interactions in the international sphere do not and will not compromise the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Maldives. In fact, they are designed to strengthen the national interests of the Maldives and serve the people of the Maldives. Maldives, ”the Foreign Ministry said.

The ministry further said it believed this was not how the public viewed the Maldives’ relationship with India, but rather the work of a small group of individuals determined to tarnish relations between the two. nations.

“India has always been the Maldives’ closest ally and trusted neighbor, providing constant and consistent support to the Maldivian people on all fronts.”

Citing the growth of global threats such as cross-border terrorism, piracy, drug trafficking and non-traditional security threats such as climate change, the ministry said it is difficult for a country to tackle these issues on its own.

The ministry urged the media to engage in responsible journalism while also reporting on these topics.

“The government of Maldives urges all parties to act responsibly and refrain from disseminating false information that undermines the country’s relations with its neighbors and the international community,” the foreign ministry said.

The Progressive Opposition Party of Maldives (PPM) and the National People’s Congress (PNC) staged a march this weekend where they expressed distrust and displeasure at the continued and increased Indian military presence. in the Maldives.

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