NASA ‘Waste to Grassroots’ Challenge: Sustainable Waste Management Ideas for Mars Mission Now Open | Here’s everything you need to know

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently launched a special challenge for anyone interested in creating innovative ideas about sustainable waste management.

The so-called “Waste to Base” campaign is looking for creative people with cool ideas for reducing waste, carbon dioxide and other materials before the next mission to Mars.

Waste to Base Challenge Submission

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NASA recently launched a special challenge for anyone interested in creating innovative ideas about sustainable waste management.

NASA, in conjunction with crowdsourcing site HeroX, has announced the launch of the “Waste to Base” challenge as part of the Red Planet Exploration Sustainability Projects. The space agency is looking for people who have ideas about waste management.

According to the official HeroX website, the challenge will tackle all possible ways to convert waste materials into basic materials such as propellants. The organization wrote that it would integrate these methods together so that the next spacecraft launch carries only the lowest mass possible.

In addition to this, HeroX also shared their ideas for the conversion or management of waste, which falls under four categories, namely: carbon dioxide (CO2) treatment, garbage, fecal waste, and waste materials. foam packaging.

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End date of sustainability management ideas

According to, the challenge will welcome all interested participants until March 15. The total prize will be $24,000 with select winners receiving $1,000 per head. The announcement of the winner(s) will take place on April 22.

“The challenge is to research your ideas on how to convert different waste streams into propellant and useful materials, which can then be turned into necessary things and repeated many times over. Although a perfectly efficient cycle is unlikely, solutions ideal will result in little to no waste,” the website wrote.

For eligibility conditions between competitors, you can click on this link for more details. To summarize, the budding innovator must be 18 years of age or older.

Additionally, a person can choose to compete alone or even join a team with other people. As long as their jurisdiction does not fall under US federal sanctions, they are eligible to join the Mars sustainability mission.

HeroX also added that new concepts that win the competition will be included in the whitepaper. They will be written into the roadmap for “future technology development work”, such as what NASA’s Logistics Reduction Project mentioned in its description.

No final date for NASA’s Mars flight

Currently, NASA has not yet announced the final date of the Mars mission. However, speculation has pointed out that the space agency could initiate it within the next decade.

In the meantime, the space agency is focused on sending astronauts to the Moon as part of Project Artemis. These programs will help NASA shape possible design ideas for future Mars exploration.

Meanwhile, SpaceX Elon Musk lamented the idea of ​​declining fertility rates. He says this would hamper his plans to one day build a colony on Mars, according to Tech Times.

At the same time, NASA also faces a dilemma regarding the shortage of astronauts for the next lunar mission.

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