National Security was not proactive on Krobo, ECG brouhaha – Security Analyst

Security Analyst, Adib Saani

Security analyst, Adib Saani, has accused Ghana’s National Security Secretariat of not being proactive enough regarding the ongoing conflict between Krobo residents and the ECG, which has led to the company cutting off the electricity to Krobo communities.

According to Adib, the secretariat should have acted and intervened earlier because cutting power to Ghanaians for more than two weeks has serious security implications.

“It’s (the light cut) a major problem; livelihoods are destroyed because many people depend on electricity to survive. Hospitals cannot operate, and all of this has security implications. From day one it has been a security issue, and I expected national security to act a bit early. They acted late,” the security analyst said in an interview with GhanaWeb. .

Furthermore, Adib Saani said that if the ECG intentionally cut off the electricity to Lower and Manya Krobo municipalities, they would have violated Ghanaian laws and international laws on the right of people to have access to power.

He noted that the current challenges the company is facing with the installation exercise of prepaid meters in the two districts are due to the fact that it has decided to use force by deploying personnel from the Ghana Armed Forces rather than to use dialogue.

“Going there with the army was wrong and is tantamount to abusing the army, which is not enough. It’s not their job, their job is to defend. Who are they defending against? It’s stupid for anyone to think it was a good idea to go with the military,” he said.

Adib made the remarks following reports that National Security Minister Albert Kan Dapaah met with the leaders of the two municipalities of Krobo, which were cut off from the national power grid, Lower and Manya Krobo, and the Managing Director of the Electricity Company Ghana (ECG) to propose a made way to solve the current problems.

In the meantime, the director general of the ECG has justified the decision of his outfit to cut off the power supply to the municipalities of the two municipalities of the Eastern Region since July 27, 2022.

According to Samuel Dubik Mahama, even if he knows the consequences of a power outage for households and businesses, the right thing to do is to do.

He said the ECG had no choice but to cut the power supply because two communities in Manya Krobo municipality refused to accept the prepaid meters that his agency is installing and because they connect to the power grid each time they are cut.

“…electricity (supply) is a grid; if someone adapts to it, you cannot give the other a stable power supply, and if we do not have access to the grid, how can we we work? So, then we decided to shut down that line because they kept tripping the line that led to Somanya. So, then we decided to shut down the whole loader because we have to shut it down, come and sit down and have a chat as we move forward,” he said.

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