National Tourism Day 2021 | National Tourism Day 2021: Know its history, meaning and theme this year

National Tourism Day: history, meaning and theme

While we all know the feast of the Republic celebrated on January 26, the day before, January 25, is devoted to a very important aspect, especially for our economy.

Every year, January 25 is celebrated as National Tourism Day in the country. Due to the diversity and multiculturalism that India has to offer, this day aims to highlight the importance of tourism having a positive impact on the economy of the country.

History of National Tourism Day

It is not known exactly when this day arrived. However, in 1948, a tourist traffic committee was formed to promote tourism. The first regional offices of the same were established in Delhi and Mumbai. Three years later, in 1951, more offices were added in Kolkata and Chennai.

A department specifically devoted to tourism was created in 1958 under the supervision of the Ministry of Tourism and Communication, which was headed by the Deputy General at the rank of co-secretary.

Importance of National Tourism Day

The importance of the day is clear and simple. This is to highlight the importance of tourism in the country and its impact on India’s economic prospects. Each region of the country has a rich history which is commemorated in various ways. Tourism is the best way to showcase everything. Along with this, people are also informed about the role it plays in the country.

Theme of National Tourism Day

This year, the theme of National Tourism Day is “Dekho Apna Desh”. Due to the deadly coronavirus, tourism has been deeply affected by the lockdown that has been put in place in the country to curb the rampant spread of COVID-19. This time, this day will be observed virtually. From January 21 to February 22, the Ministry of Tourism is organizing seminars on the theme. With this, they want to highlight the cultural diversity of our country.

On this day, we hope that this year we can also travel a bit around the country. Happy National Tourism Day!

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