New head appointed for Japan National Tourism Organization’s New York office

  • Michiaki Yamada at the head of the New York office of JNTO
  • Michiaki Yamada succeeds Naohito Ise
  • Before returning to the United States, Michiaki Yamada promoted Japan’s industrial heritage with the Cabinet Secretariat

Michiaki Yamada arrived in New York from Japan to lead the New York office of National Tourism Organization of Japan (JNTO), succeeding Naohito Ise.

Mr. Yamada was born in Saitama Prefecture north of Tokyo and graduated from Waseda University’s School of Political Science and Economics in 2003. He started his government service at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, of Transport and Tourism in 2006, working in various positions within the Road Administration Division.

From 2008 to 2011, Mr. Yamada worked with the Land Pricing Research Division as well as the Transportation Planning Division before studying abroad at the University of Michigan. He then returned to Japan after graduation and worked with the Trans-Pacific Partnership Policy Headquarters, Japan Tourism Agency, focusing on promoting inbound tourism, and as Senior Deputy Director of the Tourism Division. urban transport facilities. Before returning to the United States to become Executive Director of the JNTO New York office, he promoted Japan’s industrial heritage with the Cabinet Secretariat.

“It is an honor to return to the United States and work with the JNTO office in New York,” said Mr. Yamada. “As we embrace a new standard in a post-COVID world, I look forward to working with the JNTO team to introduce and expose the diversity of Japan’s natural and cultural worlds to more American travelers. “

Mr. Yamada is passionate about outdoor adventures and will be joined by his wife and son early next year.

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