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It’s national security

I wonder if it ever occurred to those DC morons that the supply chain issue might be a national security issue. Bring back the factories!



Good, but not perfect

Having recently read a biography of President Ulysses S. Grant, who for a short time protected black citizens from the terrorism that nullified their civil rights after the Civil War, I am freshly disgusted that so many people deny that slavery and racism have helped shape our country. It was a founding principle in Virginia, where our country was born.

The Klan and other militias were as bad as ISIS in oppressing black people after the war. Grant sent troops to defend the blacks, but his political supporters soon lost the will to do so. They decided that banning slavery was enough and that Southerners should be allowed to “manage their niggers” rather than playing mole with the Klan.

Perhaps after the carnage of war, northerners were simply tired of the drumbeat of reports of the torture and murder of hundreds of blacks and their white defenders and thousands of terrorized others. The focus shifted to the war against Native Americans.

My parents were kind, loving, uncompromising racists in a racist city and state. I grew up in righteous indignation at Sherman’s destructive march through Georgia; Reconstruction; reformers called carpetbaggers and scalawags; Blacks exercising political power; and outside agitators and communists advocating for black rights. This racist propaganda remains entrenched. Our students should hear the compelling historical evidence that post-war reforms were necessary and beneficial, insofar as they were permitted.

The 1619 draft documents the election of the first general assembly of the colony of Virginia to introduce “just laws to guide and rule the people happily”. That same year, a shipment of enslaved Africans was sold in Virginia. It didn’t matter then. Too many Americans still don’t consider it a big deal. It’s a big problem.

My parents were good people. Not perfect. America is a good country. Not perfect.



No worries for her

I was shocked, dismayed and saddened when I read that Judge Neil Gorsuch (an outspoken life advocate) refused to wear a mask to help protect the health of Judge Sonia Sotomayor, who has diabetes from type 1.

He sits next to her. She could die if she contracts covid, which is spreading like wildfire in our country. It is unacceptable.

Is this how far we have fallen, that a member of the highest court in the land cares little or nothing for the health of a colleague? For my part, I do not want to hear any more about pro-life. It sounds horribly hollow.


Little North Rock

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