Pak launches its first satellite TV channel to promote national tourism

Pakistan launched its first-ever tourism-focused satellite TV channel ‘Discover Pakistan’ on Sunday.

This was announced in a post shared by the channel’s management on social media.

The channel broadcasts in HD, high definition to project the natural wonders of the country internationally, in the best possible way.

The channel will focus on promoting the beautiful landscapes, historic places and remarkable areas of Pakistan.

The channel will also cover tourism related events, developments and a morning show showcasing Pakistan’s sweet image.

The Discover Pakistan television channel, which has been hailed as the fulfillment of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision, had been in the works since at least 2017.

In order to facilitate and coordinate the government’s commitment to prioritize tourism in general development, Prime Minister Imran Khan established a 12-member National Tourism Coordinating Committee on August 26 last year.

The deputy governor of State Bank of Pakistan, the general manager of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation, the chairman of the property evacuation property board and all the chief secretaries or additional chief secretaries are members of the committee.

In accordance with the published terms of reference, the committee was formulated to monitor and review the execution of the national tourism strategy and the integration of provincial as well as regional policies.

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