Real-time monitoring and network management for Acurus’ fully managed nationwide private network powered by PRTG

Company News: Acurus is an Australian company that provides technology services to some of the country’s largest and most successful organizations in the utility, healthcare, government and retail sectors, including Officeworks, Bakers Delight, Red Energy, Hume Bank, Paccar Australia, The Victorian Department of Health as well as a number of Aboriginal co-operatives. It uses PRTG to provide real-time network monitoring and management.

Since the company was founded in 2007, Acurus has helped many organizations with their professional and managed services offerings, including

  • Cybersecurity consulting
  • Project Deployment Services
  • Networks and network aggregation services
  • Development of applications and platform services
  • Cloud services and hosted platform
  • Maintenance, monitoring and support
  • Strategy consulting

Acurus helps customers grow their businesses and increase their revenues through innovation and technology. It is therefore essential that their business value is identified, realized and measured from the outset. Her passion for technology and what she can do to improve her customers’ business performance is reflected in everything she does, which is why Acurus never fails to deliver the highest quality solutions to her customers. .


Acurus provides Internet and transport services to its customers through its own nationwide network of ISPs. It has built its own state-of-the-art fully managed private national network, for which real-time monitoring and ongoing network management is provided through its Network Operations Center (NOC). This NOC has a team of 50 people who monitor any potential technical issues 24/7, which is supplemented by its Melbourne-based team of highly trained engineers who step in when more complex issues need to be addressed. get worse.

Its private network is connected to all major Australian telecom operators, global cloud providers and other service providers to provide a high performance communications platform. It provides ISP-as-a-Service (ISPaaS), cloud connectivity, Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) and managed private national network services to many well-known Australian and New Zealand companies.

Prior to implementing Paessler’s PRTG, Acurus found itself held back by its previous solution. The monitoring and reporting process was slow, often time consuming. The system was complex to update and impacted Acurus’ ability to quickly adapt to customer needs. These challenges have made it difficult to deliver services to clients at the high quality standards the company holds to.


Acurus wanted to provide monitoring as a service (MaaS) for its national managed private network to more quickly identify any issues to ensure it does not impact the performance of its customers’ technology services delivered to their consumers. final.

Acurus needed to monitor its ports, switches, routers, WAN, LAN, applications, servers, hardware, bandwidth, storage, firewalls, hard drives and also virtual environments.

The challenge of maintaining segregation and read-only access to its customers’ probes was important to Acurus and PRTG would be able to provide a granular permissions policy, helping the company deliver its monitoring services to its customers. while guaranteeing their security and confidentiality. .

“We are always tenacious in finding solutions to difficult problems. When it comes to facing problems or finding solutions, Acurus always believes that there is a better solution and its thinking starts with being different and unique, to avoid ending up with the ordinary. This approach has helped us select PRTG for the highly complex monitoring requirements of our customers across multiple industries,” said Jason Matser, co-founder and co-CEO.

The solution

Throughout the implementation of PRTG, Acurus has found that it solves many of the challenges it previously faced and has allowed the company to focus on providing its customers with timely solutions that can be scaled to their needs.

“When Acurus first reviewed PRTG, the feature we found most compelling was the simplicity of the platform. have all allowed us to simplify our own operations, deployment, configuration and ongoing maintenance of the monitoring platform PRTG has also allowed us to heavily customize and perform very detailed monitoring, two essential elements of our services managed,” said Steven Hall, chief consulting officer at Acurus.

Acurus uses PRTG to provide:

1. Availability of basic IT infrastructure
2. Core IT infrastructure performance
3. Network Availability
4. Network Bandwidth Usage
5. Firewall Interfaces
6. MSSQL Server Performance
7. Public cloud services (AWS and Microsoft Azure services)
8. Active Directory and detailed queries
9. Availability of Custom Applications
10. Custom application performance to report service level agreements (SLAs).

By using the PRTG monitoring platform, Acurus has dramatically improved Acurus’ ability to deliver exceptional managed services to its customers. PRTG enables Acurus to monitor its customers’ entire ICT environment, including applications in all data centers, cloud and on-premises environments. With PRTG, Acurus typically monitors its customers’ core ICT assets using several different approaches and sensors within PRTG to provide a unified view of availability and performance.

Improved reports resolve several issues

PRTG has enabled Acurus to simplify the process required to monitor the availability and performance of firewalls and routers at its customers’ sites. PRTG can provide not only uptime and interface statistics, but also bandwidth and Sflow information, which has enabled it to truly understand its customers’ systems, how their bandwidth is being used, and which endpoints and applications are the most used.

With improved reporting, Acurus has been able to provide granular alerts and notifications which has allowed it to provide its customers with a proactive monitoring service, being able to accurately notify them of which endpoints are using the most bandwidth. bandwidth, allowing Acurus to help improve the performance of all services provided.

As part of Acurus’ monitoring and managed services offerings, Acurus has implemented custom scripted monitoring sensors within the PRTG platform. He also implemented several shell-based and database-based scripts to extract key metrics from systems and databases alongside other things like Active Directory to provide enhanced reporting.

Database performance queries the company has written can monitor response times through PRTG, giving Acurus the ability to monitor the performance of its customers’ databases and provide proactive monitoring of any bottlenecks. potential performance throttling that may occur.

“We have found these sophisticated levels of monitoring to be very effective, improving the end-user experience of the systems and applications in use, giving us the ability to provide proactive resolution rather than letting the end-user raise issues. “said Saif Akil. , Head of Service Management at Acurus.

SLA reporting for its customers

Through its use of the PRTG platform, an unexpected benefit for Acurus was its ability to automate SLA reporting. These reports have allowed the company to focus on the actual availability of its customers’ services and to provide better overall support and better proactivity.

PRTG has also provided Acurus with the ability to share SLA reports with its customers to ensure clarity and accountability.
improve all of its managed services.

By providing its customers with these comprehensive monitoring capabilities through PRTG, Acurus provides a 360-degree view of its customers’ ICT availability and performance, allowing them to focus on managing their business.

“Having used PRTG for over eight years, Acurus is extremely pleased with the product and in particular the way Paessler has continued to add new features to stay relevant,” concluded Steven Hall.

Every system failure or downtime event can impact its customers’ services and therefore high availability is always essential.


During the COVID shutdowns in 2020 and 2021, like most organizations, Acurus had to learn to operate in a new, physically disconnected way. Its NOC adapted very quickly and, together with the specialist engineering team in Melbourne, everyone was able to view the PRTG dashboard remotely, which proved invaluable in maintaining uptime and peak performance. of its customer networks.

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