Scholarships available for students to pursue a bachelor’s degree in disability management

June 15 deadline to apply for scholarships

PORT ALBERNY, BC, June 1, 2022 /CNW/ – The scholarships lower the cost for students to earn a Bachelor of Disability Management (BDM) degree online through Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences (PCU-WHS).

June 15 is the deadline to apply for the scholarships for the fall 2022 semester of the degree program.

Experience and education combine into a workplace-focused degree

PCU-WHS offers experiential on-the-job learning. Its online courses are designed for working students, usually full-time and in a related field.

Brett Smith worked in the government as a health and safety officer in the human resources department. Part of his job was to deal with injuries and disability, but he wanted to know more. “Disability management is an area where my knowledge came from experience. I was looking for a more formal education.”

He had some initial reservations about working and studying at the same time. “I wasn’t sure if taking a full-time degree as a professional was the best idea, but it worked out well. The university staff and faculty were all very supportive and it made the difference.”

Online bachelor’s degree adapted to flexible deadlines

Shanna Ram had just started a new job as a return to work coordinator when she decided to further her education and expertise by earning a bachelor’s degree in disability management. She points out that the ability to complete the degree on her own schedule was key.

“I was a working mom with two kids and a full-time job, and there was a pandemic. I was working from home and working nights, so being able to access content and have conversations with instructors on my own schedule was what I needed, without this access I probably wouldn’t have been able to graduate.

She advises: “The way the program is set up, I think almost anyone can make it work within the time frame.”

PCU-WHS offers the reference in disability management training

As accessibility standards in Canada will become more widely adopted in public and private organizations and spaces in the future, disability management expertise will become even more relevant.

Employers across Canada are increasingly looking to fill positions with candidates who hold a degree or certification in the field.

Canada Post Ontario Human Resources Director Lorraine Evans is one such employer that advocates advanced disability management knowledge and encourages prospective students. “If you’re someone who loves working with people, someone who values ​​equity, diversity, inclusion and acceptance, it’s going to be very meaningful for you to be in this field.”

Up to 600 jobs per day are posted on national job boards requiring training in the area of ​​disability management and return to work.

Federal and provincial grants make scholarships available

Currently, the federal government supports a scholarship under the Sector Initiatives Program which is open to students from all provinces and territories except British Columbia. The federal scholarship program is limited at the start in September 2022. The June 15, 2022 The deadline for submitting applications is fast approaching.

The students in British Columbia may also apply for scholarships to the Bachelor of Disability Management program with funding provided by a provincial Workforce Development Agreement grant.

Full scholarship and study program details can be found on the PCU-WHS website or via the following QR code:

SOURCE National Institute for Disability Management and Research

For further information: For media inquiries and interviews, please contact: Wolfgang Zimmermann, Executive Director, National Institute of Disability Management and Research (NIDMAR), tel. : 778-421-0821, email: [email protected]

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