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The McCracken County Sports Tourism Commission has agreed to terms with Sports Facilities Management, LLC for the company to manage the Greenway Sports complex. This decision came on Wednesday after two months of contractual negotiations with some of the members of the committee and representatives of SFM.

The agreement allows SFM to manage the day-to-day operations of the Greenway Sports complex, an outdoor sports facility that is planned for the former Bluegrass Downs site. SFM would assist the city and county in the planning and development stages of the complex and help book tournaments and events for the facility.

The commission chose to work with SFM after hearing presentations from three companies, including SFM, in September.

Jim Arnold, National Director of Business Development for SFM, explained the basics of the deal with members of the Sports Tourism Commission via Zoom. Arnold said SFM employees will take care of day-to-day operations. SFM would provide comments and opinions on decisions regarding topics such as development, sponsorships and the selection of a general manager for the committee’s consideration, but the final decisions would rest with the Sport Tourism Commission.

Arnold explained to the commission members how SFM would work with them to ensure the success of the Greenway Sports Complex from day one of operations. One of the big things SFM would help, Arnold said, is to have certain events booked for the facility before it opens. Arnold said SFM would work to ensure it adheres to what the Sports Tourism Commission would define as a successful operation.

“The intention here is that everything is in this room that needs to be done not only for the facility to open successfully, but to operate successfully, and we will make sure to do whatever is necessary,” Arnold said. .

Sport Tourism Commission Chairman Jim Dudley welcomed the approval of the deal and has been pleased with his interactions with SFM so far. He said that even before the two groups reached an agreement, SFM had arranged a meeting between Dudley, Vice President Chris Hill and representatives from Baseball USA to discuss the possibility of hosting baseball tournaments in the Greenway Sports Complex. Dudley said he believed SFM’s experience with other facilities would be beneficial for the future.

“Obviously that’s what they do. They manage over 100 facilities across the country. [There is] a lot of expertise there, a lot of people you can count on, and we just felt that as we moved forward we wanted that extra teammate to guide us through the build phase and up. get us ready for the first day, ”said Dudley.

According to the agreement between the Sports Tourism Commission and SFM, a copy of which was provided to The Sun, the contract is in effect for eight years after the opening of the sports complex. SFM is required to produce an annual business plan to the board prior to each year of operation, which the board may approve or refer back to SFM for improvements. SFM will also provide monthly reports to the Sports Tourism Commission.

Over the next 18 months, SFM will receive a total of $ 870,000 for its services, of which $ 25,000 per month will be paid for the first three months and $ 53,000 per month for the following 15 months. After that, SFM will receive $ 14,500 per month for its services. Once the resort opens, SFM will also receive $ 2 off each ticket sold during paid events in the facility.

The contract between the commission and SFM lists provisional plans for the Greenway sports complex to be operational by the end of June 2023. This date could be delayed depending on development and construction factors.

The 105-acre development is slated to have softball, baseball and soccer fields, and will bring about 81 tournaments and more than 7,000 players once it’s completed, according to The resort’s expected costs are between $ 38 million and $ 42 million, according to previous reports from The Sun.

Dudley said the next step for the outdoor sports complex is to reach an interlocal agreement between the town of Paducah and the County of McCracken that will finalize the memorandum of understanding that the town and county reached earlier this year on the financing of the project. Dudley hopes that deal will be done within the next two months.

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