The center will soon create a national cooperative management university: Amit Shah

Union Interior and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah announced on Sunday that the Center will soon set up a national university for cooperative management courses. Speaking at the graduation ceremony of the National Institute of Cooperative Management Vaikunth Mehta (VAMNICOM) here, Shah added that the government is also coming up with a new cooperative policy soon. “There are a number of opportunities in the cooperative sector ahead of the students, who now come out of these institutes with degrees,” he said. “ … Today, you are also coming out of this institute. VAMNICOM is not a university and there is no atmosphere (possibility) that it will become one. But it partnered up with various state institutes in 24 states in a short period of time, ” he said.

“We will be setting up a university for cooperative management courses very soon … It will be a national university and a number of state colleges will partner with this university,” Shah added.

According to him, India has had several success stories in the cooperative sector and when India wants to stand “aatmanirbhar” (autonomous) in front of the world, the cooperative sector will play an important role.

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