The government should cancel the Agnipath scheme; not playing with national security, throwing young people into the fire: Cong

On Friday, Congress called on the Union government to immediately cancel Agnipath’s recruiting program and said it should stop playing with national security and throw young people into the fire.

Calling on young protesters not to resort to violence, Congresswoman Sonia Gandhi called the defense recruitment program “directionless” and said her party would push for its withdrawal.

Rahul Gandhi said Prime Minister Narendra Modi will have to accept the youths’ demand and cancel the Agnipath scheme, just as he had to with the agricultural laws.

“I had said earlier also that the Prime Minister will have to withdraw the black agricultural laws. In the same way, he will have to accept the request of the youth of the country by becoming ‘maafiver’ and taking over the ‘Agnipath’ regime”, a- he said in a tweet in Hindi.

Congress spokesman Pawan Khera said the government should not gamble with the country’s security and should resume the project.

“You want to infiltrate the RSS into our forces. What is your intention? The situation in the country is worrying. The government should stop playing with the security of the country and should immediately cancel the scheme,” he told reporters. .

“The harm that demonetization has done to the economy, the new system (Agnipath) will do to our security forces,” Khera alleged.

He recalled that during the demonetization the government changed the rules about 60 times and the same happened during the rushed implementation of the GST.

Now again the same thing happens. The government is making changes to the Agnipath program, he said.

Rajya Sabha MP Pramod Tiwari said the government was offering ‘lollipops’ by announcing concessions in the programme, while Congress leader Kanhaiya Kumar claimed Union ministers were ‘trying to sell the program as salespeople”.

Leader P Chidambaram said the piecemeal concessions to the Agnipath program announced by the government “prove our view that it was poorly thought out and poorly designed”.

“Given the overwhelming opposition to the program, the right course of action is to halt the program altogether, address the issues, and consult widely on the solutions.

“While the anger of the young protesters is understandable, I would ask them to avoid violence and destruction of property. They should follow the path of Mahatma Gandhi and they will succeed,” Chidambaram said in a series of tweets.

Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh said: “As always, it is important to understand the timeline, even today…First the farmer, then the jawan. The next target is the voice of the people. “

Congress is questioning the need to introduce such a program and why to end the age-old practice of regular recruitments into the armed forces, Kanhaiya Kumar said.

“The Agnipath program is going to put the country’s youth in the fire. The government should immediately withdraw this program and stop giving out lollipops,” he said.

“Ministers are talking about young people who are getting Rs 20 lakh. Isn’t that the same language that the Prime Minister is using when talking about crediting Rs 15 lakh to bank accounts. This Rs 20 lakh will also come to the same account than Rs 15 lakh. You have to understand that mindset,” Kumar said.

He claimed that 28 lakh positions were vacant in the central government, but no recruitment was done.

On its official Twitter account, Congress posted: “Due to the anti-people decisions of the Modi government, neither the country’s jawans are safe nor the farmers. Is the country in good hands?

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