The Ministry of Tourism holds the national tourism policy, validating the strategy

In his statement, the Minister of Tourism and Culture, Hamat NK Bah, said that despite the best efforts of the government and stakeholders, modern policy and other plans due to a series of constraints and shortcomings have not been able to adequately address all emerging challenges. in tourism, in particular by taking the lead on the major challenges of tourism.

The Minister of Tourism continued that these problems range from product obsolescence to overhauling the concept of tourism development and lowering service standards at all levels of the hotel industry, among others.

“Tourism is indeed an essential pillar of the economy in terms of wealth creation, job creation, the creator of substantial entrepreneurial opportunities and is positioned at the forefront of global efforts to ensure sustainable development. “, did he declare.

According to him, the master plan was comprehensive and cast a wide net in terms of product development.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism, Cordu Jabang Senghore, said the validation of the two main local documents was formulated following strong stakeholder engagement as well as an extensive literature review that was broad. and included a wide range of stakeholders at both national and regional levels.

She added that the idea was to ensure that the outcome document embodies the true aspiration of the Gambian people in their quest to reposition, increase and amplify the impact of the coveted tourism industry.

“It is my fervent hope that these draft documents, once validated, would make a big difference for the development of tourism in the Gambia destination,” noted the Tourism PS.

Representing the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, Deputy Permanent Secretary Juldeh Jallow said tourism is a key economic driver of the Gambian economy which generates foreign exchange earnings, job creation and wealth as well as other sectors of the economy.

She added that MoFEA has attached great importance to promoting tourism in The Gambia for its ability to attract more tourists as a destination.

“The most important economic characteristic of tourism-related activities is that they contribute to three high priority objectives of the country; for the generation of income, jobs and foreign exchange which is aligned with the NDP 2018-2021 to raise the standard of living of Gambians, ”she added.

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