Tourism expert seeks to scrap national tourism calendar

Published on: Tuesday March 15, 2022

Mr. Olanrewaju Scott, Managing Director of Dascott Brand and Events, called on the Federal Government to create a National Tourism Calendar to encourage more tourists to visit Nigeria. Scott made the call during an interview with the agency Press Office of Nigeria (NAN), on Sunday in Lagos.

Scott said: “When the national tourism calendar is in place, there will be a more organized industry. Tourists will then be fully prepared for the time of year when they visit Nigeria based on their interests for specific events. “.

According to him, the calendar would include tourism activities in terms of festivals, tourism seminars, workshops, summits and the dates of these activities.

He noted that it is high time for the Nigerian tourism industry to become more organized and positioned to generate more revenue for government and individuals.

“It is strongly recommended that a national tourism calendar is a necessity to enable tour operators to be fully prepared.

“Tourists will also be made familiar with the different events and dates that can be booked in advance. Tour operators will be able to categorize dates, whether it will be high season or low season to attract visitors from around the world.

“The Notting Hill Carnival is a good example. Tour operators and visitors from different countries around the world know that every last Sunday and Monday of August takes place the Notting Hill Carnival.

“The event attracts visitors from all parts of the world which generates revenue for the UK economy every year and the season is peak season due to the time of year in the UK.

“Like the Wimbledon tennis championships to name a few,” he said.

Scott said that to build tourists’ confidence to visit the country given the security challenges besetting the country, the Nigerian media needs to focus more on spreading positive publications both at home and abroad.

He said it would go a long way in improving the country’s image both at home and abroad.

The tourism expert said, “To put an end to the security problems, the government should create more jobs to engage the youth, as this will contribute to the growth of tourism in the country.

Scott said Nigeria is well endowed with many tourist sites capable of generating huge revenue, but “these potentialities have not been fully explored”.

“The federal government will need to invest more in these sites, and it also needs to encourage private sector participation, with different incentives that can attract private investors.

“The government still needs to provide more job opportunities for people to engage them and reduce the level of poverty in the society.

“In other parts of the world where tourism is thriving, like Dubai and Malaysia, the governments of those countries are hiring the locals who in some way are effectively providing them with jobs,” he said.

Scott noted that he had organized a tourist event to attract Nigerians abroad, which he labeled “Lagos Jump”.

Scott said the second edition of Lagos Jump will be held on December 30, 2022 on Victoria Island after it becomes an annual event going forward.

Lagos Jump is designed to attract Lagosians and other Diaspora Nigerians to Lagos every December for networking, exchanging business ideas and for investment opportunities.

Scott said: “It will be done with the same spirits in a beautiful and relaxed environment, different from the traditional commercial environment.

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