Rigetti Computing has a new chairman for its board of directors. Cathy McCarthy replaced General Peter Pace in this role. Ms. McCarthy is President and CEO of Cross Tack Consulting, a strategy consulting firm. She has extensive experience advising clients in the aerospace, defence, homeland security and information services industries and currently serves on the board of Middleby Corporation. Rigetti Computing’s announcement regarding his appointment can be viewed here.

IonQ has added Kathy Chou to its board of directors. Ms. Chou is currently Senior Vice President of SaaS Engineering at Nutanix, a cloud computing company that sells software, cloud services and software-defined storage. She also has previous experience at several large technology companies, including VMware, Informatica, Intuit, and HP. The announcement of his appointment by IonQ is available here.

JP Morgan Chase has hired Dr. Charles Lim to be its global head of quantum communications and cryptography. Dr. Lim was an assistant professor at the Center for Quantum Technologies (CQT), National University of Singapore. He is an expert in quantum security techniques including quantum cryptography, quantum key distribution (QKD) and quantum random number generation (QRNG). You can read an article describing his hiring on the CNBC website here.

And the Quantum Science Center (QSC) headquartered at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has a new director. Dr. Travis Humble is now the director of this center after serving as deputy director since 2020 and acting director since January. He has worked at ORNL since 2005 and at QSC he coordinates the work of 16 partner institutions to develop materials, algorithms and devices for quantum science and technology. A press release announcing his appointment was posted on the ORNL website here.

August 14, 2022