Xeal selected by UBS Asset Management for its electric vehicle charging solutions

Hundreds of charging stations are expected to be rolled out in apartment communities across the country

NEW YORK – Xeal, a leading provider of electric vehicle charging stations and smarter technologies for the multifamily industry, announced today that it has been selected by UBS’s Real Estate & Private Markets business Asset Management to install electric vehicle charging stations at select investment fund properties across the United States.

“We look forward to working with Xeal and continuing to provide tenants in our communities with electric vehicle charging solutions,” said Vasilios Diakogeorgiou, Head of Strategic Initiatives for UBS Asset Management. “We are committed to delivering smart, sustainable electric vehicle charging that meets current demand and accounts for the incredible growth to come.”

Xeal will install hundreds of chargers at UBS Investment Trust properties across the United States. UBS Asset Management has also made a strategic selection of properties that are destined for the future by securing an adequate supply of Xeal chargers to accommodate the wave of EV adoption.

“We are delighted to be working with UBS and to have the opportunity to provide their residents with Xeal’s electric vehicle charging technology and autonomous communication architecture, which is the safest and most reliable choice for their residents. communities,” said Zander Isaacson, co-founder and CEO of Xeal. “This nationwide rollout enables UBS to provide adequate access to electric vehicle charging for residents and visitors, as well as demonstrate exceptional leadership and foresight for the multi-family industry.”

Xeal’s top-up platform is built on its patent-pending Apollo protocol, which uses encrypted tokens and distributed ledger technology for connectivity, entirely eliminating the need for expensive IT/network infrastructure and of upgrades, reducing capital expenditure and maximizing return on investment.

The simple, user-friendly platform ensures residents can operate charging stations with token-based connectivity that doesn’t rely on a notoriously unreliable Wi-Fi or cellular network. Xeal’s holistic power optimization technology also allows owners/operators to install up to 3x more charging stations without electrical upgrades.


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